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Space Stone Review: Plunder edition!

The warm sun beats down as the smell of salt and brine fills the air. The crashing of waves and gravely murmurs of your crew are cut short, as a thunderous CLAP! catches you off guard. Cannonball collides with sea stained deck in a spray of debris and sea water. The call of gold and riches beyond imagination steady your beating heart and with all the strength you can muster you yell... "Are you kidding I really rolled a one?"

Welcome to Plunder: A Pirate's Life by Lost Boy Entertainment. In this game for 2-6 players you each take on the role of a pirate legend in search of fame and fortune upon the seven seas. If you've been a friend of The Infinity Bros you'll know that I have a few things I'm incredibly passionate about. One of them is board games and another is anything pirate related. So you could imagine my delight when I came across this game. It takes all the things I love about pirate themed games, and puts it into an easy to learn and insanely fun to master tabletop experience!

The first thing I need to mention here before the theme, the gameplay, or anything else, is the incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE attention to detail that went into this game. I'm not exaggerating here, there is a guide to how you put the pieces in the box, and everything fits exactly where it is designed to go. This game is a testament to Lost Boy Entertainment's commitment to their design. This respect for their game carries over not only into things like material quality, rulebook design, and gorgeous art assets, but also in the way that the game actually plays.

I would be remiss in a review of a board game if I didn't actually talk about the game play. Plunder sets out to do one thing, and that one thing is executed perfectly. There are multiple paths to earning Plunder Points, which is the scoring method to win the game. This freedom to choose how you want to approach your gameplay reflects that feeling of imagining yourself standing at the helm of your very own ship, the open ocean beckoning you to explore! Do you want to be a ruthless bounty hunter taking down your rivals with cutthroat precision, or an explorer finding lost treasure not seen in ages. Whatever your style Plunder rewards you for your unique approach. It balances a keen mind for strategy, with the push-your-luck risks that take this from just okay, to a game that will forever live on my easiest to reach shelf (the highest honor I can bestow to a game).

From the immersive gameplay that enhances an already strong theme (did I mention there's a storm that travels around the sea leaving ships as flotsam in its wake?), to the time put in to making sure every facet of this experience was its best version, how could I not give Plunder: A Pirate's Life a perfect 6/6 Infinity Stones? I look forward to any future expansions, or games coming down the Lost Boy Entertainment pipeline!

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Lover of board games and dreamer of the seven seas, Jarret is the saltiest and scurviest of all The Infinity Bros!


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