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Is Paramount Plus Series 'Knuckles' Worth Your Time? A Quick Review

By Aaron Davies, Fandom Portals

Guest Writer for "The Infinity Bros"

Plot and Writing

The plot of "Knuckles" is simple yet endearing, focusing on a journey to a bowling tournament. This light-hearted quest, combined with the villains' desire to steal Knuckles' power, creates stakes that are engaging without being overwhelming. The core theme of belonging resonates as the main characters, initially feeling isolated, find connection through their shared adventure.

Rating: 3/6


The dynamic between the bumbling Wade and the serious Knuckles drives the show. Knuckles, reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear before he accepted his toy identity, is overconfident, ambitious, and searching for belonging. His dry humour and growth throughout the series make him captivating. Wade serves as comic relief and an endearing underdog, though his clumsiness can be tiresome. The villains, while over-the-top and comical, provide necessary complications to the protagonists' journey.

Rating: 3/6


Idris Elba delivers a powerful performance as Knuckles, his deep voice adding authority and nuance to the character. Live-action performances are mixed; Adam Pally fluctuates between effective comedic and sentimental moments and overdone physical comedy. The villains lack a sense of real danger, often being the butt of jokes, which undermines the tension.

Rating: 3/6


The series feels stretched, with middle episodes resembling filler material. While these episodes attempt to deepen character development, much of the content could have been condensed, suggesting that the story might have been better suited to a feature film format.

Rating: 1/6

Visual Effects

The visual effects are on par with the "Sonic the Hedgehog" movies, featuring well-choreographed action sequences and impressive effects for Knuckles' power fists. Explosive elements add comedic impact, although there are occasional moments where the blend of live-action and animation feels clunky.

Rating: 3/6


The 80s and 90s soundtrack enhances the show, using nostalgic sound effects from the video games. The comical use of unrelated songs in certain scenes adds to the humour, and the familiar game sounds like coin pops and punches evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Rating: 4/6


The direction utilizes slow-motion for impactful combat scenes and fast-forwarded sequences to highlight Knuckles' power. Knuckles' expressive animations complement his often dry dialogue, adding depth to his character and enhancing viewer engagement.

Rating: 3/6


"Knuckles" delivers occasional laughs and a lovable protagonist. Despite its stretched pacing, the series offers enough charm to keep viewers entertained, though it might have been more effective as a feature film.

Overall Rating


Find "Knuckles" streaming on: Paramount Plus


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