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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga - Does it Live Up to the Legacy of Fury Road? A Quick Film Review

By Aaron Davies, Fandom Portals

Guest Writer for "The Infinity Bros"

Masterful storytelling and a showcase of George Miller's incredible direction.

Plot and Writing

"Furiosa, A Mad Max Saga" is a near-perfect addition to the Mad Max franchise, weaving a tale of vengeance and survival that seamlessly connects to the beginning of "Fury Road." Spanning many years, the film traces Furiosa's transformation from a displaced orphan to a formidable road warrior. Despite the extensive timeline, the narrative keeps audiences engaged by providing just enough from each arc to develop the story and characters effectively. The immersive settings of Bullet Farm, The Citadel, and Gastown are meticulously crafted, creating a vivid and lived-in dystopian world where power is everything. The narrative flawlessly depicts this harsh reality.

Rating: 5/6

Performances and Characters

Chris Hemsworth/Dementus

Hemsworth excels as the sadistic villain Dementus, bringing depth to the character's tormented background. He immerses himself in the Wasteland setting, depicting Dementus' journey through hopelessness and depravity as he struggles to control his gang of degenerates.

Anya Taylor-Joy/Furiosa:

Taylor-Joy delivers a compelling performance, capturing Furiosa's hard, driven, and vengeful nature. Her use of silence and expressive acting conveys the character's depth, seamlessly transitioning into the legacy established in "Fury Road."

Ensemble Cast:

The use of Australian actors adds authenticity, with familiar accents enhancing the Wasteland feel. The returning faces and a surprise inferred cameo from Mad Max himself contribute to continuity, with strong performances all around.

Rating: 5/6


The film is divided into acts that artfully span years, allowing audiences to witness the development of Furiosa and Dementus. This structure provides insight into the characters' trials and turmoil's without delving too deeply, making viewers feel connected to the story's hero, villain, and setting in a remarkably short time.

Rating: 4/6


George Miller's classic cinematography and direction connect this instalment well with its predecessors. The chase scenes are epically choreographed, and the scaling shots of the Wasteland fortresses convey gravity and omnipresence. Miller's use of delirium techniques and close-ups draws audiences into the characters' experiences. Low-mounted cameras highlight the thrill of the road, while long shots of the desert paired with heat mirages enhance the feeling of isolation.

Rating: 6/6


The soundtrack creates urgency with high-tempo music during chase scenes and uses silence effectively to emphasize moments of peace or dialogue. Traditional Australian instruments, like the didgeridoo, underscore many tracks, adding to the immersive atmosphere. Mechanical sounds from locations like Gastown, coupled with the roar of engines and explosive effects, highlight the intimidating presence of Dementus' gang and contribute to the overall immersive experience.

Rating: 5/6


"Furiosa" is a masterful piece of storytelling, showcasing George Miller's incredible direction and providing an immersive cinematic experience. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and depth of the Mad Max franchise.

Overall Rating


Find "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" only in cinemas.


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