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Embracing the Challenge!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This is a challenging time for everyone. Nothing can really change that, and we here at the Infinity Bros never want to downplay the seriousness of what is going on around the world. What I do want to offer instead are some personal tips that have helped me with the uncertainty and challenges caused by Corona and the state of the world.

Challenge Yourself!

Now is a good time to invest in yourself, both professionally and personally. If you've wanted to learn a new language, code, paint, or whatever your heart desires; why not start today? We have been given time away from others, and for some that's nothing new, for others it is adding more stress. Whether you thrive in this sort of environment, or find yourself in uncharted territory, I think we can all use some outlets for our time and energy. Keep in mind that all work and no play makes Johnny... stressed or something... idk. You are dealing with a lot, all of us are on different levels, but try a variety of outlets.

Challenge Your Anxiety!

Try to figure out ways to make your time perfectly balanced (as all things should be). Sure it'll be great to find yourself absolutely shredded, and speaking fluent Mandarin by this time next year. That said if your stress is eating you apart, find other ways to challenge yourself that are more stress relieving. Our friends over at The Reformed Gamers have been challenging people during this quarantine to complete some of their video game backlog. Maybe you have a bunch of miniatures you've been meaning to finish painting *Looks at my shelf full of primed but unpainted Stormtroopers and dies a little inside*. If you are a board gamer like me you surely have a shelf of shame, break those out and challenge your family to a game or two. My wife has been thoroughly handling me at Magic: The Gathering this week. There is a game on Steam called Tabletop Simulator that can help with this if you don't have enough people living with you to play. Whatever you do, reach for the things that help you find peace! Hopefully the Infinity Bros Podcast, our streams, posts, discord, etc.. are a few of those things!


Jarret Curtis is a master at finding things to do, and wasting time doing them



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