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Deep Rock Galactic coming to a table near you?

Deep Rock Galactic has consumed the internet twice now: the first being its initial launch on Steam in 2018, and again in recent history when it went out free to excited PlayStation Plus users last month. Myself and several of the Infinity Bros were immediately taken by the charming title. So what could top this exciting adventure?

Deep Rock Teaser

Yep that's right! Now you can Rock and Stone even when you aren't home! Deep Rock Galactic is bringing all the mayhem and fun of battling bugs and digging for treasure to a kitchen table near you. We've seen a massive surge of video game to tabletops in the past couple of years and I for one am enjoying every bit of it. The care and attention to detail is something that both Ghost Ship Games (The game studio behind DRG) and Mood Publishing (tabletop publisher behind several successful titles) are well known for, and the upcoming Kickstarter already has caught attention for its commitment to quality that doesn't detract from the flavor and playability of the game. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

All of the original 4 classes will be present in the game, and gameplay will focus on action packed single contained missions. Each mission will present new and exciting challenges along with upgrades that only effect that specific mission. No word yet as to whether or not the game will feature any sort of campaign, but with the publisher's love of stretch goals and expansions anything is possible.

With only a week and half left before the Kickstarter to launch you know we will be keeping a close eye on this. If you would like to sign up for notifications and be one of the first to back this incredible project feel free to visit over at and back within the first 24 hours to earn an exclusive metal coin to go with your fancy new game!

Visit Mood Publish at:

Check out Ghost Ship Games over at:

And pick up Deep Rock Galactic today on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Rock and Stone!


Sporting only the smallest of beards Infinity Bro Jarret hardly passes for a hardy dwarf, but is an avid fan of mining in the deep and kicking back a cold one for Karl. Jarret is also a proud owner of more board games than a functioning adult should ever need.


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