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Who Are The Infinity Bros?

You may have stumbled upon this website completely by accident. You may follow us on one or two social media accounts. You may have even caught one of our podcast episodes. But none of those tell the whole and complete story of who the Infinity Bros are. So sit back. Relax. And keep reading, for the origin story of the Infinity Broooooooooos....PODCAST!

Once upon a time, in a small town in rural Minnesota, six separate legends came to be at a little private college that brought them all together. In a place of new friendships, memories, and rousing camaraderie, the ominous shape of what would become the Infinity Bros was being crafted. Destiny had plans for these strangers who would become much, much more. *cue Phil Collins' "Two Worlds"*

Five Infinity Bros began their start at this college playing football. Max and Zayne arrived first, forming a strong bond through their fondness of nerd culture and watching movies on the same couch together. Isaac and Robbie arrived shortly thereafter, connecting with everyone through team bonding and Killer Bunnies. Mark burst on to the scene later yet, shocking the friend group nation with his edginess. Football brought all of these bros together, and yet - their group was not yet complete. Jarret was there nearly from the beginning, but clearly not yet intertwined into his destiny. All six were casual friends; interacting with each other on a weekly if not daily basis, but not quite transcending the plane of friendship. All six Infinity Bros together, but yet so far apart.

The 'group chat' is a great millennial invention in which several people share an ongoing message thread. This incredible concept is where the essence of the Infinity Bros came into being. Max, Zayne, and Robbie formed one of these fabled 'group chats' while still in college, to discuss and argue over the rise of cinematic superhero culture and other nerd shenanigans. The legend of the group chat grew, and the exclusive group chat grew to include Isaac, who was close with all included and other mutual friends. As time went on, more and more close friends were attained, through late nights of board games, Applebee's dinners, football road trips, and midnight movie premieres. Mark eventually was added to the chat, despite his sharp and sometimes degrading wit. Time went on, and several of the Infinity Bros graduated college, and moved on to bigger and better things. The group chat, however, served to strengthen their brotherly bonds, and eventually they formed an idea; since they argued daily over nerdy things and drew enormous entertainment from it, why wouldn't others benefit from hearing it as well?

Through brainstorming and plain old dreaming, the Off-Topic Gamers were born; a group of bad rag-tag gamers who try to basically do a podcast while live-streaming gameplay. While the concept was interesting, the execution turned out to be difficult, but one life-altering event came out of it; Jarret, their old friend from college whom they had reconnected with through online gaming (especially Battlefront), was excessively active in their pursuits. After realizing that Jarret was pure of heart and wayyyy smarter than the rest of them, they allowed him into their exclusive club, and the rest was history. Jarret became a full fledged Off-Topic Gamer by unanimous approval. Shortly after, the name Infinity Bros was coined as a tribute to the crew's love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first official podcast episode was edited and published thanks to the hard work of Max, who had a dream to continue his college pursuit of communications through podcasting.

So to summarize, the Infinity Bros are a group of friends that share a love for nerd culture, and want to share that love with the world! Their friendship goes beyond the podcast and our public personas, as the bonds of friendship take deep roots in the historic group chat, which allows them to conversate daily despite location or situation. Because of this, you may hear or see snippets of life that you may not understand the context of. We as the Infinity Bros invite you to be our friends as well, through any of our social media accounts, and if you see something that you don't understand and would like to, ask us! Check out our 'Message Us' page or email us at, and join the conversation through our Discord! We'd love to meet you!

And after reading all of that, we are honored to officially dub you: official members of the Infinity Bros Universe. Welcome to the club!

Isaac Edlund is the social media manager of the Infinity Bros, and is by no means a professional writer


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