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Space Stone Preview: The Dice of Death & Dismemberment

"Okay Tonga he's gonna swing at you with his longsword, does a.... Wow... Nat 20! Yea that hits, let's see you take 12 damage and lose your finger. Roll to see which one." Critical rolls... No not that one... can be extremely exciting but often just mean pouring a bunch a damage. Have you ever thought to yourself, "This should really do more." Big moments like this need consequences. Our characters soak damage, and yes in a world of magic and fantasy it makes some sense that your characters to bounce back from damage, but as a DM I often want my crits to really truly feel special.

This is where the new Kickstarter project from Deck & Dice Games LLC comes into play. In their own words, "If your role-playing sessions consist solely of uplifting and light-hearted stories, where good always prevails and the brave escape battle after battle without so much as a scar, then maybe these are not the dice for you. But if you believe the sweet taste of victory is best appreciated after a long, bitter four course meal of fear and dread, then flavor your sessions with these infernal creations." Naturally this DM was excited to see the project, and the many flavors these dice come in.

The current base set comes with Head, Torso, Arm, and Leg Crit dice. Included as a special for the Kickstarter are the Arrow Crit Die, the "Which Finger Did You Lose?" Die, the Vorpal Die, and the incredibly brutal and unforgiving Cursed Die. The add-ons provide even more options with choices including the Unarmed Strike, Fumble Die (Useful for natural 1's), and options for both Piercing and Bludgeoning critical strikes. This is one to look out for.


Jarret is more halfling than dwarf but knows a few things about how to run a table. He hoards dice, and NPC's like a dragon lays over his treasure, and knows when an RPG product is worth its weight in gold!


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