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Final Fantasy VII (Remake) Demo: Diving Headfirst Into a New World

Final Fantasy is one of the oldest and long lasting video games series of all time. It's deep in lore, characters, and heart wrenching moments. All of which I have missed out on. Yes! This is a review of a demo from a remake of a game that I’ve never played.

You want content, you got content!

Yesterday my good friend and fellow Infinity Bro Zayne let his Infinity Brothers know that the Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) remake demo had released. At first I thought little of this news because as I mentioned before, I have not played the final fantasy games. After a humiliating loss to the CPU on Madden 20, I decided to look up the FFVII remake demo and download it. 7.6 GB for a demo? Yes, I suppose I’ll wait it out. And well….I’m extremely happy I did. From the moment I turned on the demo I knew this was going to be something special.

You start the game as Cloud, who I know from my limited knowledge as the main dude. Cool, we’re on the move. Cloud is working with a rag tag group to blow something up. Pretty basic story, simple to follow. Perfect for a demo. I won’t go into depth about the plot of this mission, but what I would like to talk about is just how good this game looks, feels, and flows.

The characters are interesting. The graphics are up to 2020 standards and the voice acting/dialogue works well. But what stood out to me to the most. And the reason I’m so excited for this game is... THE COMBAT!

It starts as a basic hack and slash, but then as you progress through the level you get to unlock more complex ways to fight. In the bottom left hand side of your screen, you are given a “Commands" screen; from there you can give orders to your AI partners, access user abilities and items, cast spells, and use your special ability. Now why is this important and how is it ground breaking? Well, the short answer is that it’s not. HOWEVER, this is the best it has ever been implemented. From switching between characters and giving multiple commands, you are able to get an RPG fighting feel to tag along with your hack and slash attacks.

There is a lot more depth to go into on this demo, but I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to go download a FREE demo and give the Final Fantasy world a shot.

For me, this demo of a remake gets a 6/6 Infinity Stones.

Robbie Sauter is a video game connoisseur, and doesn't even refuse free games

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04 de mar. de 2020

All in favor of buying Robbie an original PlayStation and FFVII?

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