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we are the
infinity bros

Podcasting, streaming, hot takes, and entertainment through all different kinds of shenanigans.

Join forces with us, as we traverse, dissect, and discuss the world of nerd culture. From films, to TV shows, comics, and video games, the world of geeks is vast and eager to be discovered.

We strive to create a diverse community where everyone can be involved in the conversation, we can learn from and uplift one another, and have fun in the process.

Meet our 6 hosts: Max, Mark, Robbie, Zayne, Jarret, and Isaac, as we argue about the latest castings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the newest Disney Plus original series, the most recent DC blockbuster film, or the hottest video game. Our nerdy interests are broad; there’s room for every type of nerd in the Infinity Bros Universe.

Assemble with us to get involved and feel the full force of the Infinity Bros Universe.

We are inevitable.

We are… the Infinity Bros.

Meet The Bros



Hey shhhh shhh it’s okay. We both know the reason you’re really here. It’s a me, Jarret! Father of two, and husband of one, you may know me as a lover of games both card and board. I’m an unashamed owner of way too many Moon Knight comics and a miniature painting hobbyist. You’ll probably recognize me by my rakish charm and devil may care attitude!



I’m Isaac: a husband to a beautiful wife, dad to two amazing daughters, and nerdy nurse to all who require my love and affection. I love video games, board games, comics, sports, and Spider-Man. Some would say I’m the chosen one to restore balance to the Infinity Bros Universe. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.



I’m Max, I’m a married nerd with two sweet kids. By day I run a youth ministry/non-profit with Young Life! By night you can find me wielding keyblades, settling Catan, watching films, and enjoying This Is Us. I’m the loud guy who has the best opinions.



The undefeatable underdog, Infinity Bros back door lover; Mark Walter Jones has come here and captivated this podcast arena like a new episode of Rick & Morty. Mark Walter Jones; an ice devouring sex tornado! Spawned in the hell fires of Mowtown.... Also the one married to the wonderful Kelly.



Suspiciously self aware of his own controversial takes, Robert Red Beard is here for the lost souls who enjoy a little bit of everything, but tend to choose the wrong side of most arguments. Will I ever win an argument? Probably not. Will I voice my opinion only to be met with long periods of awkward silence? Yes, 1000% Yes.



UwU what’s this? M’ladies it is I... Zayne, the nice guy. You may not look my way twice because you’re too busy pining for the Chads of the world. Is he well trained in ninjutsu and own a mall katana? Does his body smell like Doritos and breathe the sweet nectar of Code Red Mountain Dew? Ask your man whether he is brave enough to step up to me 1v1 in Blood Gulch then we’ll see who the real alpha is!

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